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We at the Station are striving to provide a sense of professionalism that has not yet been introduced to the medical marijuana community. You won't find flashing neon signs, or sheets covering windows here at the Station. What you will find are smiling, knowledgable faces that  look forward to making you part of the family! We have put forth an effort unmatched by most, to provide a pleasant, clean, and professional patient experience.

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The Station is a locally owned and operated Medical Marijuana Center located in Boulder, Colorado. We at the Station have put forth unrivaled due diligence to find the best people in this business to help us create the most knowledgeable, professional,  and personal experience in the medical marijuana community. The Station strives to always provide a diverse and cost effective selection of medicinal products. Stop by The Station, you'll be glad you did!
We have the ability to facilitate doctors appointments to recieve your red card at an affordable rate. Please ask if you are in need of a renewal, or if you need to get your card for the first time! Email us for more information.

25% OFF Topicals
Members get a total of 30% OFF